The Three Rivers Branch AALAS TRBAALAS


TRBAALAS is a branch of AALAS that advocates for ethical research practices. We regularly host activities that promote our main thrust while also enhancing networking within the industry and fostering professional development.

The Benefits of Being a Member

Becoming a member of TRBAALAS can help you grow and become a more active skilled team member. Since our nonprofit belongs to us, the members, we have more freedom to develop professionally. We encourage participation in meetings, sharing of knowledge and experiences, and other practices that provide beneficial opportunities to all members.

Once you’re a part of our branch or you advertise with us, you can take advantage of the following:

  • Average of five meetings and events annually
  • Informative presentations by the following people:
  • Regional Investigators
  • International Speakers
  • Community Representatives
  • Qualified Members
  • Four quarterly newsletters sent via email
  • Yearly awards for members
  • Announcements concerning the government, the industry, and accreditation
  • Annual technician presentation night and two technician recognition nights
  • Yearly awards meeting and Murder Mystery Dinner (January)
  • Biennial riverboat cruise (June or July)
  • Access to a confidential directory for members
  • Receptive staff that listens to suggestions for improvement
The Three Rivers Branch AALAS TRBAALAS

Reach Out to Us

We would love to hear from you. For more information about memberships, please contact us today.